J-Poval (Japan VAM & Poval Co. Ltd) offer a range of Poly Vinyl Alcohol products which are largely classified in granular or powder form: 

J-Poval® polyvinyl alcohols (PVOH) are water-soluble synthetic resins, that were first industrially produced in Japan. They are produced by hydrolysing polyvinyl acetate, which is obtained through polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer. Membrane strength, aqueous solution viscosity, and other properties vary depending on the degree of polymerization, it is also possible to produce grades with different characteristics by copolymerizing other monomers during this process. The degree of hydrolysation can be manipulated to provide a certain level of solubility and membrane water resistance.

Where can J-Poval products used?

The unique qualities of polyvinyl alcohols are not only utilized as an ingredient in vinylon synthetic fibers, but also in a wide variety of applications. Such applications include on ingredient in film and Acetal resin, fibre processing agents, adhesives, Vinyl Chloride polymer stabilizers, and inorganic binders.


Product trade names and descriptions

J-Poval® AF

Fully hydrolysed, denatured, polyvinyl alcohols

J-Poval® AP

Partially hydrolysed, denatured, polyvinyl alcohols

J-Poval® AT

Medium hydrolysed, denatured, polyvinyl alcohols

J-Poval® JF

Fully hydrolysed polyvinyl alcohols

J-Poval® JP

Partially hydrolysed polyvinyl alcohols

J-Poval® JT

Medium hydrolysed polyvinyl alcohols

J-Poval® VF

Fully hydrolysed, powdered, polyvinyl alcohols




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