The Levasil Colloidal Silica group operates within Nouryon’s Pulp and Performance Chemicals Business Unit

Nouryon’s Levasil Colloidal Silica products are as diverse as the markets they serve, with their global network of eight flexibleand efficient production facilities, they readily supply high-quality colloidal silica across the globe to our customers - on time- every time. As industry leaders in colloidal silica technology, Nouryon offer a stream of innovative, high-value products fortheir customers, be they large, small or specialized users.

Where can colloidal silica be used?

In numerous industries colloidal silica is used to enhance the functionality of an ever-growing number of products, for examplein waterborne coatings, by delivering anti-soling properties, increased durability and strength in cementing operations.Choosing the right colloidal silica can be a challenge, however our experienced sales team are on hand to offer their industrial expertise in selecting the correct particle morphology, particle size, surface modification, pH, concentration and ionic species for your specific application.

Product trade names and descriptions

Levasil®- Anionic alkaline silica
Non-surface modified, sodium stabilised (also available as ammonia and potassium stabilised)
Aluminate modified (extra high surface charge), sodium stabilised

Levasil®- Anionic acidic silica
Non-surface modified collodial silica

Levasil®- Cationic acidic silica
Alumina modified, chlorine stabilised (very sensitive against pH increase)

Levasil®- Silane modified silica
Silane modified, sterically stabilised by an organic chain R with the option for different functional groups (much higher stability against pH variation and improved compatibility with organic dispersions)