Blackburn Chemicals are market leading specialist in foam control agents. They  are an independent family owned company who are renowned for their technical expertise and excellence: 

Blackburn’s scientifically formulated solutions are exported into a diverse range of industries worldwide under the trade name Dispelair®. Our expert technical sales team can assist you in selecting from a choice of Dispelair® products, to find the perfect solution for your requirements.

Where can anti-foaming agents be used?

Dispelair® foam control agents are used to optimise adhesive properties and provide foam control in products such as inks, pigment dispersions, paints flooring compounds and repair mortars. They are also used in a number of manufacturing processes such as oil processing, the manufacture of polymers and during the dyeing of textiles using good emulsification characteristics to eliminate problems associated with fibre contamination.


Product trade names and descriptions

Dispelair® CF

Available as either an amber liquid or a white emulsion ranging from low to high dispersibility and can be based on mineral oil and surfactants, alkoxane copolymers or glycol ethers etc.

Dispelair® P

Free-flowing white powders, can be based on a blend of hydrocarbons, surfactants and amorphous silica, or a blend of alkyl glycols etc.




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