Castor’s core activity is in the international trade of castor oil and oil derivatives:

Castor’s comprehensive product portfolio includes castor oil, hydrophobic polyols, moisture scavengers, rheological modifiers and molecular sieves.

Where can these castor oils and polyol products be used?

These products achieve outstanding flow and levelling properties, water/acid resistance, good combination of both elasticity, hardness and adhesion. Products such as Castor Polyol D-1150 can be cured with isocyanates for example to formulate flooring products in the construction sector.


Product trade names and descriptions

Drying additives

Drying additives 3A and 4A are based on zeolite-mineral and is available in powder and paste form for use in plastics, coatings and lacquers (moisture scavengers)

Castor oils

A vegetable oil which is extracted by mechanical pressing of the castor seed, also available as a dehydrated caster oil

Castor polyols

Non-solvent, medium viscosity polyols, with ether and ester groups, such as caster polyols D-1145, D-1150 and D-1155

Castor thickeners

Castor thickener pure and Castor thickener blend are both rheological modifiers used as thixotropic agent in paints, printing inks and other coatings




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