Great Lakes Solutions (Now Chemtura, a LanXess business)

For close to a century Great Lakes Solutions have helped their customers by providing a broad portfolio of flame retardant products and solutions. We offer a variety of new products that offer exceptional performance along with greener characteristics leading to enhanced long-term sustainability.

Now part of LanXess, Chemtura’s position as a leading global producer of flame retardants has been enhanced. Their additives reduce or eliminate the flammability of a wide variety of combustible materials. Their additives help stop fire before it starts by resisting ignition and slowing the rate of combustion.

Their flame retardants are used in a wide variety of applications, including flexible and rigid foams, fabrics and furniture, auto interiors and under the hood, circuit boards and electrical connectors, computer cabinetry and wiring in building and construction, to name a few.

Their leading products include:

  • Emerald Innovation™ Series
  • Firemaster®
  • Bromine-based flame retardants;
  • Kronitex®
  • Reofos®
  • Phosphorus-based flame retardants
  • Fyrebloc®
  • Flame retardants
  • Fireshield®
  • LSFR
  • Ongard®
  • Oncor®
  • Pyrobloc®
  • Smokebloc®
  • Thermoguard®
  • Timonox®
  • Trutint® antimony-based flame retardants / synergists
  • PetCat® antimony-based catalysts