Classification, Labelling and Packaging

What is CLP?

CLP is the new European Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of chemical substances and mixtures (Number 1272/2008). The legislation introduces throughout the EU, including the UK, a new system for classifying and labelling chemicals, based on the United Nations’ Globally Harmonised System (UN GHS).

There are certain timelines for industry to classify and label their substances and mixtures in line with the CLP rules and information on this subject can be found from the official ECHA website.



How can WhitChem help and support our customers and suppliers?

CLP is about hazard communication and relates to informing the supply chain regarding the safe use of hazardous chemicals.

We, as a UK based chemicals & minerals distributor, have worked closely with all of our Principals to ensure that we are fully prepared to meet the challenges presented by this legislation.

Our internal procedures ensure that any notification by our supplier of changes to the existing SDS is passed on to all of our customers who have recently purchased the affected product.

To learn more about the information we have received from each of our suppliers on the subject of CLP please contact our CLP team and include ‘CLP’ in the subject header.

Specialist Technical Support

If you require more detailed information about our product range, please do not hesitate to contact our team.