Environmental Policy

WhitChem Limited are committed to:

  • Managing operations in a manner that protects employees, customers, the public and the environment by ensuring the correct use of health and safety procedures, reducing the environmental impact of all activities and enhancing the protection of the environment as an integral part of all working methods.
  • Striving to make the best use of resources, recycling where appropriate and aiming for continuous improvement.
  • Complying with the requirements of the CBA Responsible Care Programme.
  • Adopting a cradle to grave approach to Product Stewardship by testing supplier operations, vetting customers and providing relevant information on the potential hazards of materials distributed by WhitChem Limited to its customers, and urging them to use and dispose of products and packaging in a safe manner.
  • Complying with all legal requirements and any relevant codes of practice which affect working procedures and products.
  • Being responsive to legitimate supplier, customer and public concerns and working actively with suppliers and customers to foster and encourage improved attainable standards throughout the industry sectors which WhitChem Limited serves.

Specialist Technical Support

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