Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship is the way we work and communicate with our partners along the supply chain to manage existing and new products and meet increasing demands for health, safety, security, environmental protection and sustainability.

Product Stewardship is governed by the eight guiding principles of Responsible Care, to which the Company is committed:

  1. Legal requirements – Conform with all relevant regulations and requirements and operate in accordance with both government and industry codes of practice and guidance appropriate to our chemical activities.
  2. Management of risk – Ensure that our activities do not present an unacceptable level of risk to employees, contractors, customers, the public or the environment.
  3. Policies and documentation – Have written documentation which covers our activities and ensure that our policies reflect our commitment to Responsible Care as an integral part of business strategy.
  4. Provision of information – Provide relevant health, safety, security, and environmental information on company products and activities to employees, contractors, customers, statutory bodies and the public.
  5. Training – Ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities and provide the training necessary to enable them to be involved in the achievement of health, safety, security and environmental objectives.
  6. Emergency response – Establish and maintain appropriate emergency response systems.
  7. Ongoing improvements – Support and participate in those activities which will improve the quality of our operations and strengthen health, safety, security and environmental performance.
  8. Community interaction – Maintain an awareness of and respond to community concerns which relate to our activities.

As a Distributor, the Company plays a role in the logistics chain, from supplier through to the end user and consumer. Product Stewardship is about fulfilling our responsibilities to supply information to and assisting others in that chain with regard to health, safety, security and the environment.

For WhitChem, as a chemical distributor, Product Stewardship means:

  1. Communication up the supply chain, i.e. regular dialogue with the manufacturer.
  2. Communication down the supply chain, inclucing evaluating the risks posed on the way chemicals are supplied to and used by the customer.

A Risk Assessment approach is used to determine the level of Product Stewardship required (Basic, Medium or Full) using the Product Stewardship Matrix (an assessment tool drawn up by our trade association). Chemicals are grouped according to the risk to workers, the environment and the consumer.

If it is apparent that our customer or a subsequent user is not handling a product correctly appropriate advice will be given with the ultimate sanction of terminating supply applied if the advice is ignored.

Where products are not consumed by the end user, or hazardous materials or waste are known to be produced, advice will be given on recycling, re-use or disposal.

Where products are known to be used in manufacturing consumer products the Company must be alert and keep our Principal fully informed if appropriate.

Safety data sheets (“SDS”) in the standard format are available for all products (sufficient for Basic Product Stewardship).

Further information on the product is made available for Medium and Full Product Stewardship.

Specialist Technical Support

If you require more detailed information about our product range, please do not hesitate to contact our team.