Dow Wolff offer various product forms and viscosities of nitrocellulose under the Walsroder brand:

Walsroder™ nitrocellulose free-flowing grades are damped with Isopropanol or Ethanol, grades ranging from high to lowviscosity are damped with ethanol, isopropanol and water. NC-Chips can be selected with different grades of viscosity and are plasticised with phthalate-free plasticisers such as Epoxidised Soybean oil (ESO) or Acetyltributyl Citrate (ATBC).

Where can nitrocellulose be used?

Walsroder™ nitrocellulose and Walsroder™ NC-chips are predominantly used as binders in printing inks and wood coatings, but also in a wide variety of other coatings applications. Our sales team are available to assist you in selecting the choice ofWalsroder™ nitrocellulose products that best fits your needs.


Product trade names and descriptions

Walsroder™ nitrocellulose grades
Range from high to low viscosity, damped with either isopropanol, ethanol or water

Walsroder™ free-flowing nitrocellulose
Free-flowing grades are damped with either isopropanol or ethanol

Walsroder™ NC-chips
Available with different grades of viscosity, plasticised with phthalate-free plasticisers such as epoxidised soybean oil (ESO) or acetyltributyl citrate (ATBC)


For the safe, storage and handling of these products please see the attached brochures