Grupo Dynasol Rubber Chemicals

In 2015 a new Joint Venture agreement was set in place between Grupo Kuo and Repsol. As a result of this new Joint Venture Grupo KUO has contributed its emulsion rubber and nitrile business located in Mexico (INSA), as well as its nitrile rubber business (INSA GPRO), whose plant in Nanjing, China, will begin operations at the end of the second quarter of this year. Repsol has contributed its chemicals accelerators business, located in Spain (General Química).

General Química S.A. is a manufacturer company of chemical specialities belonging to the group Repsol, whose origins date back to 1948. It is currently present in over 30 countries due to the quality of its products and the service offered to its customers.

Accelerators and antioxidants are special chemicals products that are essential for vulcanizing rubber and protecting the service life of vulcanized products. They are commercialized under the RUBATOR®, RUBENAMID® and RUBATAN® trade names and their field of applications includes the tyre, sections, tube and hoses, cables, technical rubber parts.



Thiazoles (Chemical Name):
Rubator® MBT (MBT)
Rubator® MBTS (MBTS)
Rubator® ZMBTS (ZMBT)

Sulphenamides (Chemical Name):
Rubenamid® C (CBS)
Rubenamid® T (TBBS)
Rubenamid® DS (DCBS)

Dithiocarbamates (Chemical Name):
Rubator® MTZ (ZDMC)
Rubator® ETZ (ZDEC)
Rubator® DBZ (ZDBC)
Rubator® ZBEC (ZBEC)

Thiurams (Chemical Name):
Rubator® DTMT (TMTD)

Mixtures (Chemical Name):
Rubator® H-7 (HMT)
Rubator® MA/T
Rubator® FQ
Rubator® TAX

Antioxidants (Chemical Name):
Rubatan® 184 (TMQ)
Rubatan® IF (IPPD)
Rubatan® BF (6PPD)

Retardants (Chemical Name):
Rubatan® PVI (PVI)