Dynasol supply synthetic polymers for use in industries such as rubbers and sealants:

Dynasol’s Synthetic polymers are produced at their production plants located in Altamira, Tamaulipas. Mexico with a capacity of 130,000 TPY of NBR. Emulprene™ SBR is available as crosslinked or non-crosslinked grades in both bale or crumb form and Paracril™ NBR grades include dry, oil extended and crosslinked in bale, crumb or powder form.

Where can these synthetic polymers be used?

Dynasol supply a number of synthetic polymers for use in the manufacture of rubbers and sealants. Linear, non-crosslinked polymers produce an excellent tack for bonding, coating and sealing applications, whereas crosslinked grades produce adhesive and sealants with a non-stringy, buttery consistency for caulking compounds, mastics and sprayable adhesives. The main markets these products are used in are tyre, tyre re-tread, automotive, seal, under carpet, FDA seals, conveyor belt, chewing gum, hose, rolls, insulate, plastic, friction, technical articles, adhesives, shoes, moulded parts, mats, O-ring, paper and textile coating.


Product trade names and descriptions

Cold Emulprene™ SBR

Available in both non-oil extended and oil extended types for tyres, footwear, and general rubber industry usage

Hot Emulprene™ SBR

Available in bale and crumb form for use in adhesives and sealants and friction applications

Paracril™ NBR

Dry, oil extended and crosslinked grades available in bale, crumb and powder form for use in industrial rubber goods, printing rollers, adhesives, mats and flooring