Imerys Carbonates

IMERYS is a leading international supplier of high-performance white minerals, extenders and functional fillers to the polymer and coatings markets. This is supported by an absolute commitment to quality, to ensure the consistency and reliability of their products and services.

Drawing on a wide range of minerals with many matching characteristics - including calcium carbonates, clays, kaolins, calcined kaolins, diatomite, mica and perlite - Imerys Filtration & Additives Europe makes technical products that are essential for many industries. Its principal markets are plastics & film, rubber, paint & coatings, personal care and sealants & adhesives.

Imerys Carbonates is one the world's largest producers of white industrial minerals, and as part of an Imerys' multi-mineral group, has extensive "know-how" of other minerals, allowing us robust capabilities to offer combined minerals solutions to our customers. With expertise, creativity, and attentiveness to our customers’ needs, our international teams constantly identify new applications and develop high value-added solutions under a determined approach to responsible development.



Calcium Carbonate slurry.

THE new ultrafine carbonate for paper and board top coating. Its ultrafine particle size creates a high gloss while its slurry product form eliminates the need for pigment make down. In addition, the coating colour will have better runnability and fibre coverage.

High whiteness, marble based Calcium Carbonate.

Calcium Magnesium Carbonate (Dolomite).

Premium ultrafine surface treated marble based calcium carbonate.

Ultrafine particle size, high whiteness, marble based Calcium Carbonate, stearate coated.

Ultrafine particle size, high whiteness, marble based Calcium Carbonate.

Ground Calcium Carbonate characterised by a steep particle size distribution.

A high brightness PCC with a narrow particle size distribution for paper filling applications.

Ultrafine, white ground dolomite with excellent top cut and dispersion properties, providing toughness and rigidity in plastics.

Ultrafine particle size, marble based calcium carbonate, tight size distribution for top coat applications. It helps maintain gloss and smoothness of the coated paper or board, even at low clay levels. It also aids in improving water retention of the coating colour.

A finely ground marble-based calcium carbonate with a narrow particle size distribution. It is designed for use as a coating pigment where high light scattering is required to give high brightness, opacity and good optical coverage.

A fine ground, surface treated calcium carbonate for staple fibres, filaments, and melt blown applications.

High brightness marble based Calcium Carbonate.

Fine particle size high brightness marble based Calcium Carbonate.

High brightness marble based Calcium Carbonate. Engineered particle size distribution, stearate coated.

Fine Calcium Carbonate, minimum coarse particles over 38 microns, general purpose chalk whiting.

Ultrafine to medium fine Calcium Carbonate, narrow particle size distribution, can be supplied stearate coated.

A premium, ultra-fine particle size beneficiated, wet ground marble that is surface modified to facilitate dispersion in plastics.