Imerys are experts in the application of minerals for a number of industries - providing each of our customers with a wide range of customizable products and world class technical service:

Imerys Kaolin is the world leading producer of Kaolin, offering our customers product quality, supply reliability, and technical support using these products. These minerals are mined from extensive, high quality, naturally occurring reserves and is processed to develop solutions that improve product performance and manufacturing efficiency in a number of industries. A unique and geographically balanced portfolio of kaolins, with more than 20 years of reserves, enables us to deliver advanced solutions to our customer base. In-depth industry expertise with a continuous focus on research & development, highly flexible supply chain logistics, and responsible corporate citizenship make Imerys Kaolin an outstanding, reliable partner for the industries that we serve.

Where can these Kaolin products be used?

Ultrafine kaolin semi-reinforcing fillers are used in a wide variety of rubber applications. Calcined kaolin and surface treated calcined kaolin improve mechanical and electrical properties. Our range includes grades for use at all voltage levels of cable insulation compound. In the plastics sector, kaolins are used extensively as anti-block and infrared barrier additives in plastic films. In coatings and inks a range of super-dispersible, calcined, FCC and hydrous kaolin minerals enable the modification of important paint properties such as whiteness, opacity, gloss, rheology, stability and stain resistance. As well as controlling paint quality and performance, these minerals can also deliver significant TiO2 savings through formulation extension.


Product trade names and descriptions


Specially designed pre-dispersed china clay with an alkaline pH, reducing the need for deflocculants


A secondary finer particle size ball clay, is pH controlled, low cost and provides more reinforcement than kaolin, used in the shoe soling and rubber floor mat industry


Pozzolanic metakaolin, highly reactive material making it particularly suitable to enhance the performance properties of concrete products


Calcined kaolin used in investment casting, kiln furniture and general refractory industries (quartz, cristobalite and nodular iron free)


High whiteness calcined kaolin produced by a special rapid heating process which creates a large number of tiny voids within the kaolin particles, resulting in a low specific gravity and outstanding opacifying properties


Calcined kaolin treated with a vinyl functional silane for use with polyamides, peroxides and other radical cross-linking systems


An ultrafine kaolin produced by a high intensity pulverisation process, specifically designed for use in solvent-based paints


A variety of dehydroxylated aluminium silicate grades produced by heating highly refined kaolins to high temperatures


High quality, medium particle sized natural kaolins produced in the UK


Highly refined kaolin of ultrafine particle size and high brightness produced in the UK


Specially designed pre-dispersed china clay with an alkaline pH, reducing the need for deflocculants


Highly refined kaolin of ultrafine particle size and high brightness produced in the UK

BP Grades

Kaolin natural BP and light kaolin BP are refined natural aluminium silicates freed from most of their impurities by elutriation and drying




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