Imerys are experts in the application of minerals for a number of industries - providing each of our customers with a wide range of customizable products and world class technical service:

Imerys is a leading international supplier of high-performance white minerals, extenders and functional fillers to the polymer and coatings markets. This is supported by an absolute commitment to quality, to ensure the consistency and reliability of their products and services.

Where can these products be used?

Imerys’ state-of-the-art technology centers harness the intrinsic properties of these minerals to provide solutions for industries such as Plastics, Rubber, Coatings and Construction. Their range includes extenders and functional fillers - which come in both flake and dry ground form - provide good barrier effects and rheology control in various applications. Their Mica® and Suzorite® branded products are also used in plasters and mortars, to improve mixing and trowelling properties and flexibility of finished products in construction.


Product trade names and descriptions


Calcined kaolinitic clay that is obtaining by micronization for use in concretes, mortars and coatings


Dries and milled sedimentary kaolinite from the south west of France

Muscovite Mica

Naturally occurring, highly lamellar phyllosilicate of aluminium and potassium that exhibits an almost perfect basal cleavage


Phlogopite used for structural vibration damping, improved mechanical properties and GF replacement