Lanxess Inorganic Pigments

Lanxess’ Inorganic Pigments is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of
inorganic pigments, with a broad and innovative product range and acknowledged
expertise in technical service
The business unit has a global presence with production facilities in Germany, China, and Brazil as well as with additional mixing and
milling facilities in Australia, the UK, Spain and the United States. Iron oxide and chrome oxide pigments from Lanxess Inorganic
Pigments are distinguished by their high quality, standards-compliant and environmentally compatible processing.
Where can inorganic pigments be used?
Marketed under the names Bayferrox®, Colortherm® and Bayoxide®, the business unit’s iron oxide and chrome oxide pigments in
red, yellow, green, brown or black, are characterized by their outstanding colour stability, excellent light fastness, weather stability
and chemical resistance. These synthetically produced inorganic colour pigments are available in powder, micronized powder,
granules and compacted form. Powdered pigments are insoluble in water and dilute acids, resistant to cement lime/alkaline and
completely weather/light stable. The level of pigment agglomerates is significantly reduced in micronized pigment grades, which as
a result, exhibit high dispersibility. Industries and areas of application include construction, coatings, plastics and paper. Lanxess’ The
Bayoxide range encompasses products used for the manufacture of airbags, brake linings and refractory ceramics, pigments for toners
used in photocopiers and laser printers and absorbers for drinking and waste water purification.
Product trade names and descriptions
Iron oxide pigments are available in red, yellow, brown and
Bayferrox® C
A grainy material which is nearly dustless and shows good free
flowing properties in a wide range of concrete applications
Bayferrox® G
These pigment granules are specially manufactured to be
dust-free and free-flowing which allows them to be easily
discharged from silos, paper bags and bulk bags
Bayferrox® 350 FL
A dust-free, and clean metering aqueous iron oxide black
suspension, specifically manufactured for the colouring of
concrete goods
Range includes the red, yellow, brown and black pigments
which are also based on
iron oxides
Colortherm® Green
Products based on chrome oxide pigments
Particularly developed for different markets, industries and
certain requirements
Bayoxide® E
Products based on iron oxides pigments
Bayoxide® C
Products based on chrome oxides pigments