Adhesives & Sealants

The Adhesives & Sealants sector is becoming an increasingly important area of development as a consequence of the extensive product range WhitChem has on offer.

Some of the key suppliers and products in our range include:


Covestro offers high-quality, high-performance adhesive raw materials recognized globally. Their range includes polychloroprene, chlorinated rubber, polyisocyanates, polyols and dispersions.

These adhesive building blocks are designed for the formulation of heat-activated, contact, reactive and hot melt adhesives. Their properties are suited for use in construction, transportation, packaging, furniture and footwear applications.

Dynasol Group

Dynasol Group supply a range of hot SBR crosslinked & non-crosslinked materials which are used in the manufacture of a variety of adhesives and sealants.

The linear, non-crosslinked polymers produce an excellent tack for bonding, coating and sealing applications.

The crosslinked grades produce adhesive and sealants with a non-stringy, buttery consistency. They are particularly useful for caulking compounds, mastics and sprayable adhesives.


J-Poval polyvinyl alcohols from Shin-Etsu have superior adhesion to fibres and inorganic substances and can be used in various sectors as an adhesive for paper processing and also a binder for inorganic substances such as glass, ceramic raw materials etc.

Imerys Minerals

Ground (GCC) calcium carbonate coated and uncoated from Imerys Carbonates can be used as a rheology modifier, tensile strength enhancer, toughening agent, and opacifier and / or whitening agent.

Kaolin, Calcined Kaolin, Ball Clay and Mica from Imerys Kaolins can give good barrier effects and rheology control.

Akzo Nobel

Levasil® can significantly increase the thermal stability and mechanical strength of bonded joints. Additionally, colloidal silica can help adjust viscosity, as well as shorten the drying time of film-forming organic dispersions.

Blackburn Chemicals

Dispelair® foam control agents from Blackburn Chemicals are designed for use in the preparation and application of a wide variety of adhesives to give excellent foam control resulting in optimum adhesion properties.

S E Tylose

Tylose® rheology control agents from SE Tylose are an essential component in many tile adhesives. They are mainly responsible for water retention, consistency and adhesion.

Specialist Technical Support

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