Coatings & Inks

The Surface Coatings sector is a market that has figured prominently in the history of WhitChem. We offer a wide range of binders, extenders & functional fillers, inorganic colourants and additives from market leading suppliers.

Some of the key product ranges on offer include:


Covestro offers Polyurethane raw materials for the formulation of solvent borne and water borne formulations for metal primers, basecoats and topcoats/clear coats that can protect against weathering, scratches and exposure to chemicals with a visually appealing finish. Soft-touch coatings can be formulated that give plastics a pleasant feel. There are also a range of raw materials to formulate various types of Polyurethane systems for glass coatings, including one-component waterborne systems.

Imerys Minerals

Imerys Carbonates primarily serve as a replacement for more costly raw material components. Decorative interior paints mainly utilize Carbonates to extend expensive components in the formulation such as resin and TiO2 and to control gloss levels in formulation. In some exterior paint formulations, Carbonates provide weathering resistance and pH stabilization.

Imerys Kaolins portfolio includes Kaolin & Calcined Kaolin. The minerals particle shape, size, colour and chemistry allow important paint properties such as whiteness, opacity and gloss to be modified, allowing you to control the quality and performance of your formulation. As well as modifying paint properties the opacifying extenders can deliver significant TiO2 savings, while maintaining paint quality. Depending on the formulation, these materials can also modify rheology, paint stability, stain resistance and barrier properties.

Imerys Filtration Minerals portfolio includes DE & Perlite. As with our other minerals portfolio Imerys DE & Perlite allows important paint properties such as whiteness, opacity and gloss to be modified. Products for architectural coatings include:

  • CelTiX™ offers excellent hiding power and enables TiO2 replacement while maintaining tint strength.
  • OptiMat™ is the most efficient Imerys matting aid.
  • EcoFlat™ has low oil absorption for ease of formulation in low VOC systems offering excellent scrub and stain resistance.

LANXESS Inorganic Pigments Group

For many years, LANXESS iron and chromium oxide pigments have been well established in the paint and coatings industry. The variety of applications ranges from emulsion and decorative paints, industrial and powder coatings, coil coatings, automotive coatings and corrosion protection to wood or furniture coatings. The colour range includes Yellows, Oranges, Reds, Browns and Blacks. Green colour shades are also available in the LANXESS product portfolio which are based on chromium oxides.

More recently, LANXESS have introduced ‘New Red’ – a new generation of iron oxide pigments based on a completely new production method that is employed in their new production plant in Ningbo, China. As an extension of their proven Bayferrox® portfolio, they are the only company to cover the full spectrum of yellow-shade reds along with red pigments in previously unattainable colour spaces.

Akzo Nobel

Levasil® colloidal silicas are used in the coatings industry for prolonging open-time, improving hardness and durability as well as improving anti-soiling properties in the coating industry.

Blackburn Chemicals

Their extensive range of Dispelair® foam control agents are used during the production of paint, ink, varnishes and other surface coatings, both aqueous and non-aqueous.

S E Tylose

The use of Tylose® Cellulose Ethers optimizes a number of key properties of coatings such as consistency for application, water retention, binding power and storage stability. Furthermore, open time, spattering, levelling, hiding power and film formation of the coating material are enhanced by the use of Tylose®.

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