The Plastics sector is an established market for WhitChem, we offer a number of pigments and additives used in the plastics sector.

Some of the key suppliers and products on offer include:

Imerys     •     Lanxess


Imerys Carbonates offers a comprehensive portfolio of ground calcium carbonate (GCC) products branded as PolCarb™ and ImerCarb™ for use in an array of plastic applications. Key features include high gloss, impact strength, opacity, limited plate out.

Imerys Kaolins portfolio for the plastics sector includes kaolin and calcined kaolin and calcined clays such as Devolite, PoleStar, Polwhite and Polsperse™ are used extensively as anti-block and infrared barrier additives in plastic films.


Lanxesss iron oxide and chromium oxide Bayferrox® and Colortherm® inorganic pigments are REACH-certified, and are suitable for the colouration of a wide variety of plastic products. Bayferrox® pigments are widely used in plastics and offer excellent light fastness and weather fastness properties. Colortherm® pigments in addition offer increased dispersibility and improved temperature stability

Specialist Technical Support

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