The Plastics sector is a developing market for WhitChem following the addition of a new supplier in 2016.

Some of the key suppliers and products on offer include:


Chemtura a Lanxess business, is a leading global producer of flame retardants, which reduce or eliminate the flammability of a wide variety of combustible materials. Their additives help stop fire before it starts by resisting ignition and slowing the rate of combustion.

Chemtura flame retardants are used in a wide variety of applications, including flexible and rigid foams, fabrics and furniture, auto interiors and under the hood, circuit boards and electrical connectors, computer cabinetry and wiring in building and construction, to name a few.

Their leading products include the Emerald Innovation™ Series, Firemaster® bromine-based flame retardants; Kronitex®, Reofos® phosphorus-based flame retardants; Fyrebloc® flame retardants; Fireshield®, LSFR, Ongard®, Oncor®, Pyrobloc®, Smokebloc®, Thermoguard® / Timonox® / Trutint® antimony-based flame retardants / synergists; PetCat® antimony-based catalysts.

Imerys Minerals

Imerys Carbonates offers a comprehensive portfolio of ground (GCC) calcium carbonate products for use in an array of plastic applications. Calcium carbonates are used to replace expensive resin with very good plastics’ mechanical strength. Key features include High Gloss, Impact Strength, Opacity, Limited Plate Out

Imerys Kaolins portfolio for Plastics includes Kaolin and Calcined Kaolin. Calcined clay grades (InFilm 200, PoleStar 200R) are used extensively as antiblock additives in plastic films and as infrared barrier additives in plastic films for agricultural and greenhouse applications. For Thermosets there is a range of high whiteness materials where colour is critical and low cost materials where filling / bulking is needed.

LANXESS Inorganic Pigments Group

Both Bayferrox® and Colortherm® pigments from LANXESS are suitable for the colouration of a wide variety of products. Colortherm® synthetic iron oxide pigments are widely used in plastics and are extremely stable across a broad range of weather and temperature extremes. Colortherm® synthetic iron oxide pigments have excellent dispersibility and color stability in plastics. They are also very stable at the high temperatures needed for the processing of thermoplastics Colortherm® pigments are REACH-certified and also comply with all EU norms of restriction of heavy metal components.

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