The Rubber sector has been and continues to be an important market for WhitChem.

Some of the key suppliers and products on offer include:

Dynasol     •     Imerys     •     Lanxess


Dynasol supply a number of synthetic polymers for use in the manufacture of rubbers from tyres to industrial goods. Products we offer in their product range include:

  • Cold Emulprene™ SBR available in both non-oil extended and oil extended types for tyres, footwear, and general rubber industry usage
  • Hot Emulprene™ SBR available in bale and crumb forms for use in adhesives and sealants and friction applications
  • Paracril™ NBR range includes dry, oil extended and crosslinked grades available in bale, crumb and powder form. These polymers are produced by cold and hot polymerization processes for use in industrial rubber goods, printing rollers, adhesives, mats and flooring.


Imerys Carbonates offer a comprehensive portfolio of products such know under the brands PolCarb™ and ImerCarb™:

  • Fine ground calcium carbonates (GCC) are used in a wide range of rubber applications as high loading extenders
  • Ultrafine calcium carbonates are used in an array of rubber applications, providing a certain level of reinforcement
  • Surface treated grades can be used to ease handling and improve its dispersion within the compound

Imerys Kaolins includes the branded product ranges Hexafil™, Polarite, PoleStar, Polwhite and Speswhite:

  • Ultrafine kaolin semi-reinforcing fillers are used in a wide variety of rubber applications
  • Ball clay offers more reinforcement than kaolin, as a result of its finer particle size. A common application for ball clays is in the shoe soling and rubber floor mat industry
  • Calcined kaolin and surface treated calcined kaolin improve mechanical and electrical properties. Our range includesgrades for use at all voltage levels of cable insulation compound


Lanxesss iron oxide and chromium oxide Bayferrox® and Colortherm® heat and weather stable inorganic pigments in black, brown, red and yellow and chrome oxide green are REACH-certified and are suitable for the colouration of a wide variety of rubber products.

Specialist Technical Support

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