WhitChem represents an extensive, world-wide network of chemical and mineral manufacturers and suppliers. Our product range for the Textiles sector changes regularly with new developments in the market.

Some of the key product ranges on offer include:


Covestro offers Polyurethane raw materials for the transformation of many of the fabrics that surround our lives. Applied in thin layers, they bring functionality to the material used in outdoor wear and provide a pleasing touch to denim jeans while protecting colour effects. In thicker layers, PU coatings are the key to high quality synthetic materials that are used widely in footwear uppers, garments and accessories, furniture and car upholstery. Multi-talented PU brings remarkable appeal and comfort through its incredible combination of softness and durability.

Covestro offers a comprehensive portfolio of Polyurethane binders for textile coating (Impranil®, Imprafix® and Impraperm®) including high solids and waterborne Polyurethanes. The waterborne coatings help lower impact on society and environment by enabling a more efficient textile manufacturing process and reducing or eliminating the need for solvents.


Tanatex Chemicals develops innovative textile processing solutions, ranging from pre-treatment to finishing. The state-of-the-art products are based on trends and demands in today’s (technical) textiles and carpet processing industry. Through companies such as ourselves, Tanatex Chemicals supplies its global customers with quality wet processing products and provides a high level of technical service. Over 50 years of experience in the chemical textile industry, has resulted in six main product lines:

  • Fibre Production
  • Pre-treatment & OBAs
  • Finishing
  • Coating
  • Printing
  • Carpet Printing

Each product line comprises of various types of product categories, each with their own specific chemical purpose.

Specialist Technical Support

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