Japan VAM & Poval Co. Ltd

Japan VAM & Poval Co. Ltd (part of the Shin-Etsu group of companies) offer a range of Poly Vinyl Alcohol products which are largely classified into 2 forms; granules and powders.

The chemical name of POVAL is polyvinyl alcohol, which is a water-soluble synthetic resin that was first industrially produced in Japan and is used as an ingredient in Vinylon synthetic fibres.

The unique qualities of POVAL are today not only utilized as an ingredient in Vinylon synthetic fibres, but also in a wide variety of applications both in Japan and overseas. Such applications include on ingredient in film and Acetal resin, fibre processing agents, adhesives, Vinyl Chloride polymer stabilizers, and inorganic binders.



Type Granule (J Type) Powder (V Type)
Photograph of Shape
Characteristics Easy to Handle

High purity (Few volatile components and little sodium acetate)

Little acetate smell or thermal colour change

Good compatibility with cellulose resins such as starches

Has high bulk and the fine powder products have many fiber protrusions 

Main Application A wide range of general industrial applications


Cosmetic ingredients and pharmaceutical additives

Paper processing agents (clear coat, reinforcement)