Tanatex Chemicals

Tanatex develops innovative, textile processing solutions, ranging from pretreatment to finishing for both classical and technical textiles. They also continuously strive to exceed expectations in a world with growing environmental awareness

Tanatex supplies its global customers with quality wet processing products and using a highly equipped technical service lab they can tackle any challenges that you may face. For over 50 years, the company has proven to be a reliable partner in solving customers’ challenges whilst meeting international standards regarding quality, health, environment and safety.

Where can these textile processing products be used?
In the UK, textile chemical sales are driven by value for money, which is not always the cheapest products on the market, but those which pro rata perform the best, add value or prevent hidden costs. Tanatex products provide that kind of reassurance, reducing the need for rework and driving up the quality and therefore the value for the end customer. This selection of chemicals is used in both classical and technical textiles available for a variety of fabrics and applications.

Product trade names and concepts in Tanatex specialist areas include:

Blankophor® - Extreme whiteness
Pre-treatment optical brightening agents

Tannex® - Multi-purpose
Auxiliaries based on clay technology for discontinuous applications

Tanapur® - Pure Performance
High elastic self-crosslinking polyurethane used to increase elasticity and wash-durability

Bayprotect® - Insect proof clothing
Permethrin based insect protection agent for outwear, sportswear, military applications on clothing and tents, curtains

Tanajet® and Tanaprint® - Digital Printing
A combination of conventional textile printing auxiliaries and the latest inkjet preparation products such as and thickeners and migration inhibitors to enhance digital textile print results

Bayscent® - Cosmetic Finishes
Microencapsulating scents

Tana®care - Cosmetic Finishes
Microencapsulating skincare products

Tastex® - Cosmetic Finishes
Multi-layer micellar skincare and thermo finishes

Lava XL™ - Odour control technology
Used in bedding and clothing to combat body odours

Microban Silvershield® and Aegis® - Anti-microbial technologies
Products proven to be a safe and effective way to eliminate odour-causing bacteria

Qi-tex - Balance
A textile finish that uses the ability to reflect far infrared rays to improve the body’s balance